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Dental Technology

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What is dental Technology?

Technology in general is accelerating by leaps and bounds, and the technology involved in dentistry is no different. What makes the biggest difference in modern dentistry is not only state-of-the-art equipment, but also giving patients the best possible experience in the dentist’s chair.

Carolina Smile Dentistry is dedicated to providing comprehensive, innovative, and patient-centered care to help adults and children enjoy optimal oral health and wellness. We are committed to providing a new level of comfort, confidence, and oral health care using modern state-of-the-art dental technologies, massage chairs, comfortable amenities, and an experienced staff.

Why is Dental Technology needed?

Specially chosen systems result in efficient and comfortable visits, requiring fewer trips to the dentist and shorter recovery periods. Additionally, they yield accurate diagnoses, treatments, and beautiful results.

  • Using digital dentistry with 3D printing
  • Velscope for oral cancer screening
  • Diagnodent for laser cavity detection
  • Itero scan for better digital scans for impressions or to evaluate any wear pattern
  • Soft Tissue Diode Laser
  • Lum for specialized LED technology applies a high intensity light source to tooth for interproximal decay and fracture lines

I highly recommend family dental in Biddeford, me. I’ve always been very nervous about going to get dental work done. Here it’s been a pleasant and pain free experience.

What makes you a Good Candidate for Dental Technology?

All patients visiting our dental practice make wonderful candidates for advanced dental technology.